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STEM Fest Speakers' Presentations
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What’s STEM Fest?
An online festival where you’ll find a whole lot of fascinating and very useful technology-related activites: masterclasses in robotics and rocket science, scientific experiments, motivational lectures and more.
STEM Fest for?
For Schoolchildren
For Teachers
For Students
For anyone who loves science and technology
Why STEM Fest
is useful?
Upgrade your skills and knowledge in relevant areas - robotics, 3D modeling, rocket science, and ecology
Find out how to get to international competitions and Olympiads
Learn about science-related courses and careers
Meet Kazakhstani and international experts in education and STEM disciplines

STEM is all around us!
Workshop on assembling a hydroponic plant and growing greenery at home
Sports rocket science. Assembling a prototype rocket with a satellite - CANSAT (Audience: students from 10-12 grades, teachers of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics).
Astrophysics - as a separate part of creative development.
How to become a Certified National Geographic Educator
"How to work in Ilona Mask's projects as a student, the path of Kazakhstani student Zhanna Iklas"
Masterclass on 3d modeling
Preparation for the competition FLL CHALLENGE (Lego Ev3)
Launch your own satellite
*by Atyrau time. By Nur-Sultan time add one more hour to the activity time.
Education consultant. Participant in the international festival for teachers ‘Science on Stage’. Author of the "Talking About Science" project, where high school students learn English through chemistry and biology classes.
Deputy Director and Physics teacher in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics, Almaty.
Жанна Суйменбаева
UniSat Representative, an educational nanosatellite program for girls. Over 10 years of experience in space activities.
Kazhymukhanbet Reimbaev
Coach of the Kazakhstani national team in the FIRST Global Challenge robotics competition. Participant in the Robocon robotics championship.
Zhanarys Meimankhodjaev
Participant in the Robocon robotics championship. Member of the team, prize-winner in robotics in 2019.

Scientific editor of the OYLA magazine. Certified National Geographic Educator.
Project Manager for USTEM ROBOTICS. Finalist and medalist in the international robotics competition FIRST, VEX Robotics Competition.
Dias Tastanbekov
Chemist, author of unique projects aimed at preserving the environment. Graduate of the state program "Bolashak". Trained in France (Strasbourg), USA (Berkeley), England (Sheffield).
Zhanna Iklas
Student in the University of Florida with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. As part of the university team, she is participating in the Elon Musk SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, the goal of which is to create high-speed transport.
Feedback from STEM Fest participants
What is STEM?
Teaching methods, which are based on the principles of multidisciplinarity (when topics or subjects are studied not separately, but together, thereby helping to see logical connections and similarities), and learning based on real life problems.
STEM subjects, which traditionally include mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, robotics, and some social sciences (sociology, psychology, etc.), although STEM techniques can be applied to any discipline.
STEM professions. In the traditional sense, they include specialists from scientific, technological fields, and engineering. However, in a broad sense, all multidisciplinary professions that require skills at the intersection of several disciplines and the demand for which is increasing in the labor market are also STEM.
A set of skills that are pumped through STEM techniques. Among them are scientific, mathematical, critical and creative thinking, research and presentation skills, digital literacy, teamwork, time management.
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
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